Is Englands Bank government owned or a private corporation?


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The BoE annual report makes it clear that it considers itself neither of those things.

It is owned by nobody, strictly-speaking and its function is largely independent of government.

But..... Insofar as the management and "Court" of Directors are largely government appointees it might be said that it is a distant arm of government.

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It's owned by private shareholders, but they won't divulge who they are.

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Ray Dart
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You've completely missed the point (and don't understand (or haven't worked out) the reasons for setting up the subsidiary company.) Everyone knows that the bank was originally privately financed. I answered the question according to the BoE Annual Report's own definition. It's as good answer as your unexplained quotations.
Ray Dart
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Incidentally - it is officially "owned" by the Treasury Solicitor" - another Government appointee.
mary adam
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My quotations are the history of the bank. The Treasury solicitor works on behalf of HM treasury.

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