What Are Advantages Of A Private Sector banks?


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Bank is very important factor in human life
In private banks we get quick service .They provide all types of loans like-Home Loan  •Loan against Property• Personal Loan  •Auto Loan  • Corporate Loan  • Loan Against Security
  • Loan Against Security  • Education Loan.They provide all types of cards like •Signature Credit Card•Platinum Credit Card•World Credit Card
•Instant Gold Credit Card•Woman’s Debit  Card • Silver Debit Card, Gold Debit Card
•Titanium Debit  Card • Platinum Debit Card •Meal Card  alos they provide us diffrent types of accounts like saving,current accounts.
There are many advantage of banks
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Demand and client driven
Only invest where return is assured;
Limited flexibility to small markets;
Limited crops and varieties portfolio

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