What do event managers need to keep in mind in terms of choosing right software?


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Sarah Fields , Business manager, answered

The recent research, Digital Event Manager: Driving Numbers, conducted by Tickera addressed some of these most critical issues when it comes to implementing the right software in the event management industry. The study has shown that, choosing the right digital tools can help you save 10-20 hours per an event. This is exactly why you need to choose proper software for every aspect of your business.

For example, there are social media productivity tools like Buffer, IFTTT or HootSuite that will facilitate your social media efforts and help you save time. Event planners should also keep an eye out for time tracking tools in order to improve their time management, as well as right collaborative platforms like Basecamp or Asana. Finally, you should choose the effective tools, plugins and themes that will make your WordPress site user-friendly, easily comprehensive and, most importantly, fast.

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