What industry is nothing like people imagine it to be?


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The obvious one would be Television. It's as phony as all get-up.

I once went to see a show made (once was enough). It was supposed to be a comedy and they recorded lots of laughter (we laughed on cue) before the show started. That was so they could feed it into the gaps where there was no laughter.

But when the show started the impromptu humour, on camera, between members of the cast was pretty good. Then a woman missed her cue and they had to start all over again. Same "impromptu" remarks, all carefully scripted.

I wasn't too surprised when the show was canned during its first season.

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Charles Davis
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Oh yeah "Recorded before a live studio audience" and they all laugh when ever the LAUGH sign lights up.
Didge Doo
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We weren't even given the opportunity NOT to laugh when they dropped a lemon since the recording was done before the show. At that point you were compelled to laugh or else look sour at some time when a good joke had been made. They had it down pat.
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It really depends. People have different ideas and sometimes a dozen of mistakes and misconceptions about different industries. Just the perspectives are too much and unfocused!

To be honest, the most horrifying misconceptions goes to Porn industry as far as i can tell. Since it's not completely acceptable through different societies. Most people has no idea of how it works and just judge with none knowledge and blind eyes.

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