What is your SEO strategy for 2016?


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Milad Moradi , SEO Worker at http://seodaramal.ir, answered

The most important thing is CONTENT! And not just for CONTENT'S SAKE!

Veni Vellilingam Profile

More important content, create the blog section, make content more unique, update regularly, and increase the social media traffic.

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Piyush Parmar , Internet Marketing Expert, answered

Quality Backlinks

Quality Content

Content Marketing

Question & Answer

On-Page (Meta tags, Header tags, SchemaOrg, Span tag, Bold/Strong tag, Internal links, URL hyphens etc.. )

David Morgan Profile
David Morgan answered

Any recommendations for ROI monitoring tools?
Also, how to track it if a client is not selling a product online but instead offers services? Is there any integration that could help me with this?

And since you are all experts here, is 320% ROI like an average ROI from SEO and is that scalable? Check this case studies for more info, I'm looking for a solution for a private practice.

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Charles Bosse answered

SEO practices in 2016 is pretty much the same last year, but the thing is, this year Google Algorithm is more specific on content and relevance, therefore; creating high quality content and relevant link building is are the best practice. 

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Robin Macson answered

Blog Submission

Article Submission

Make your content unique

Above strategies are  useful for seo.

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Deol Nirwair answered

FOR 2016 -2017 or any other year SEO Strategy will be same as google search algorithm is very much matured and behaving like serious man.

so SEO Strategy would be make website worth your user , write content for the users not for search engines make links from high authority and popular website , the website you are making links would be relevant use social media for traffic and keep updating you webiste time to time

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