If I buy back my vehicle from  a towing yard,( that picked  it up after the thief left it 5 blocks down the road where I had it stored), in a lien sale after it  was stolen from the storage yard that I owe some late fees to, will I still owe those late fees to the storage yard (not the towing co.) after the lien sale at the towing co. in  the Sacramento Co. Area


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I know when I had my shop near Sacramento and someone had an outstanding bill and I had to lien it for the repair cost, all I sold it for was what it was worth and didn't care who bought it. Any fees owed on the car were included in the sale price of the vehicle. So, the answer is no. You only pay what the owner has it up for lien cost and that's it.

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