What company is the most evil currently in existence?


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I think it's Starbucks cos they always leave the "I" out of my name and I don't like it ...I don't know why it bothers me so much but it does .. EVIL  :/ also they charge way too much for coffee but  I would forgive that. I I have a freakin I in my name 😡

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There are lots of unscrupulous companies doing business, but I particularly dislike those on-line gambling sites which will not only cause problem gamblers to lose all the money they have but all they can borrow. Such profiteers destroy lives.

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The FDA.  They keep approving chemicals to be put in our foods that make us sick.  Also they approve drugs with horrible possible side effects.

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CocaCola.....and McDonalds

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There are NO evil companies … a company is nothing other than an entity created on paper.

By claiming a company is "evil", you are absolving the individual people responsible of their actions.

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