I'm having a really hard time finding a job, every place I apply to never calls me back, or they don't have a position for me. Why is it so hard for teens to find jobs?


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Just apply for retail stores online. When they give you the usual personality questionnaire, mark the answers you think will impress a typical employer and not what you actually think.

From 1 to 5 one being definitely not and five being definitely yes, is it sometimes okay to break the rules? Of course you're going to mark 1. DUH!

Otherwise, you need to learn something called COLD CALLING. Call random places around your house and ask if they're hiring even if they don't have hiring signs or job posting. Who knows? Maybe they'll go "Hmmm. Maybe I do need some help."

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The way to keep a job is to be honest in your interview and on your application letter.
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Doesn't necessarily apply to an online questionnaire that sorts you electronically. Worry about that when you actually deal with a real person.
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do I need a resume if I've never had a job? How would I fill it out?
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I am in the same situation too, its really hard to find a job everywhere. Because all the employers need experienced candidates but at this time I am not having much experience because I am a newly graduate, I don't know about you.

All they need is experience, Smh. If they wont give us a chance how would we get experience.

Well you can try to apply for internships first as I am doing. Or you can work some where else like in a store where there is no need to have much experience as you can do this where you live.

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I'm a junior in high school
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Oh I see. Then first you have to decide in which subject you are interested. Then check out job/internship opportunities relevant to that subject and also try to learn about it yourself too, so that they might shortlist you for the interview.
Other than education, at this time you can do job in stores or saloons or restraunts etc until your graduation.
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Don't be disappointed. You have to be patient finding a job, as it's hard,  very hard to do it. Although we are in the crisis time, we must be courageous, and have perseverance for doing it.

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Go to them and talk to managers etc Back in my days you had to hit the streets to find a job and I still believe that.

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It’s really sad that you face
lots of difficulty in finding a new job. This might happen due to the use of
wrong resources. It is not hard to find a new opportunity or new vacancy for
teenagers too if they use right resources for looking a new job. I suggest you
to once apply through Monster India portal; this site is really great and
offers lots of opportunities to every fresher candidate or for many different
posts. Chances of getting an opportunity in your interesting profile are
increases when you apply through this portal.

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