Which are the latest SEO techniques for gaining keyword ranking?


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Create your own brand.
promote yourself.
use forums.
social bookmarkings.
create unique and useful content for readers not for google.
be unique.
use social channels to promote your brand.
share your articles on different article websites.

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more focus on on-page optimization

do quality, relevant & unique content for your website content

do content marketing

do link building on trustable website, good DA & PA website, without google panalise websites

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SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, SMM, Affiliate Marketing are just a few methods you can use in order to generate leads to your website.

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According to my perception, the most innovative SEO techniques are here: 

In depth content marketing.

guest blogging on high PA/DA sites

relevant niche based link building

google map optimization with more reviews

Being an expert at top rated Digital Marketing Agency in London, I would like to recommend you to must try these SEO techniques to rank your business in right way. May be, it takes time but it surely gives you massive organic traffic.

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SEO is an essential step for increasing your websites traffic
and brand awareness. Getting to page one of the search results is important.

But then the question has arrived how to achieve it?

Here are some SEO techniques that will help you to achieve
top rank in SERP:

1. Perform website
Check whether your website have SEO Meta titles and descriptions. Remember,
optimize appropriately without keyword stuffing!

2. Optimize you
website images:
Your images must have keywords in their ALT tags

3. Off page

Mobile Site Optimization

Forum Posting

Social Bookmarking

Photo Sharing

Video Promotions

Local Listings and Yellow Pages

Classified Submission

Business Listing

Q & A

Document Sharing

Note: use Anchor
text systematically. Find LSI keywords “Latent Semantic Indexing". It
really just means variants of your main keyword.

So, if you are targeting “Digital Marketing course in
Hyderabad”, then some LSI keywords would be:

Finding LSI keywords is super easy. You can find it using Google
suggest options in the search bar.

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Keyword rankings have moved from traditional link building to other advanced techniques. Guest blogging is the new trend as posting a great content at a well-regarded site doubles the keyword rankings. Publishing quality and original content for a website makes it trustworthy and pushes the rankings a bit higher in Google’s search results. Optimizing the images by including ALT tags can also improve the keyword rankings a bit. Including Infographics and other posts on your blog makes the site more appealing to visitors.

Check Out the 2018 trends to shape content marketing

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John Parker , On Page SEO is very important to get top ranking in Search Engine, answered

here are some tips to make your website on page SEO. Read more

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I like your topic; especially it will help to them who are planning to create a new business online.

Here, your provided information help them to boost up relevancy on google search engine.
I would like to share my quick knowledge with you guys. Hope these tips help you.

Being SEO Excecutive I have personally implemented following strategies to get rankings at rocket speed:

1. Identify All Broken Links
2. Discover Effective Keyword From Promising Links
3. Connect To Your Audience By Social Networking
4. Develop Informative Blog
5. Deploy Blog Marketing Campaign
6. Participate In Online Community Of Your Niche
7. Submit Your Website To Search Engine
8. Post Your Blog at Major Websites
9. Promote Your Website With Link Baiting
10. Share Images, Photos & Videos
11. List Your Website In Local Directories
12. Posts Reviews About Business
13.  Share Products On Shopping Networks
14.  Participate In Question/Answer Website
15.  Complete an SEO Audit on your website.
16.  Learn what your users want.
17.  Create SEO optimized landing pages.
18.  Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
19.  Grow your traffic with infographics.
20.  Optimize your content for RankBrain.
21.  Write at least 1,890 words.
22.  Write a roundup post.
23.  Post valuable content on social media.
24.  Use advanced SEO internal deep linking.
25.  Send link juice to lower ranked pages.
26.  Link to external sites with high Domain Authority.
27.  Find and use your competitors’ SEO keywords.
28.  Use AdWords copy in your on-page SEO.
29.  Use multiple keywords in SEO page titles.
30.  Monitor Google Search Console stats.
31.  Regularly update your old content


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Kevin Walker answered

Focus on good link building techniques in routine

Avoid blackhat SEO strategies

Focus on content marketing

Use original and unique content and links

Avoid keyword stuffing

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Janvi Arora answered

To improve your website ranking you should start optimizing your website first. Optimize the important factors which can help you to rank your keyword.

Here are a few onpage factors -

Onpage Optimization -

  • URL Structure should be keyword rich
  • Make the proper title tag including different keyword variations
  • Heading tags should in pointer and descriptive
  • Content should be at least 800 words incluing targeted keyword relevancy & their variations
  • Keyword Proximity
  • Keyword Ratio
  • Proper internal linking
  • Page loading speed below 3 sec
  • Website technical SEO should be fixed to improve website health

You should work on off-page also, build links from relevant websites -

  • Content Contribution (Guest Posting)
  • Build link through the quality websites (Good DA and Relevant with active website)
  • Maintain the anchor text ratio decided by Moz
  • Participation in relevant community sites
  • Social Promotion for Social Traffic
  • Competitor Link Building
  • Blog Aggregator
  • News Aggregator
  • Editorial Links
  • Forum Participation
  • Q/A Posting

Finding the right SEO agency for your business is a very hectic job. Choosing the right one could be the best thing you ever do for your business. Selecting the wrong one could be the biggest business mistake you ever make.

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you need to drive more organic traffic to your websites, it is imperative to increase
the keyword ranking. And for this need, you can rely on some latest and
valuable SEO techniques. Here is the list of techniques that you can consider
to improve the keyword ranking.

ü  You should use long tail keywords because
they are less competitive and can make you receive more targeted traffic.

ü  If you get the high-quality backlinks, then
there will be the major hike in the keyword ranking.

ü  With the help of really detailed guides, you
will have more search visitors to your blog post.

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  • Page descriptions: Google may choose not to show your description on the SERPs, but it is still important to provide a custom description for each and every page of your website, especially the pages you want to rank higher.

Accurately describe the page content and include variations of your target keyword.

Look at the AdSense example above and see how nicely Google adds variations of its target keyword into the description (e.g., learn how to make money online, content monetization, make money).

  • H1 tags: Review your HTML code (open the page, go to “View Source” and search for H1). Check that your page has only one set of H1 tags. The H1 tag is not necessarily the same as your page title tag, but it should contain variations of your target keyword.
  • Page content: Back in 2011, Amit Singhal (head of Google’s ranking team) publishedan explanation of what Google considers to be a high-quality website. It’s one of the most important documents when it comes to SEO because it describes what Google is looking for when assessing a page’s value. Things like content quality, originality, formatting, in-depth analysis, presentation, and author trust play an important role.

Assuming that you got all those behind-the-scenes tips correct from the beginning, you need to ensure that your target keyword (and variations) is mentioned in the content of the page. I am not suggesting that you stuff the keywords in the text or over-optimize, but you need to check that the crawler in the page title and H1 tags are consistent with the page’s content.

Some tools can calculate the keyword density and make recommendations, but you don’t have to go that far; mentioning your keywords a couple of times in your content is enough.

answer by Search Engine Optimization Provider

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You can do that by efficient link building. Generating backlink from various websites can help you get traffic and high SEO ranking.

Consistent blogging also helps for that matter. Relevant content and keywords in blogs play an important role in getting your good ranking.

There are various other online reputation management techniques such as being active on social media, involving in online discussion and registering your website with online directories.

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Margart Waller answered

On-Page SEO — Optimize your Website:

1. Long Tail Keywords

The first thing you need to do to achieve a successful SEO strategy is to identify the suitable keywords. It is recommended to focus your traffic building offers on long-tail keywords. An excellent way of incorporating long-tail keywords is through informative blog content aimed at a specific target audience.

2. Research Suitable Keywords

The next step is doing a thorough keyword research to see what the common search terms are within your sector. Evaluate the competition and search volume in order to find the most effective keywords that will boost traffic to your website.

You should also avoid using too many keywords. Optimize each web page or each post with at least two keywords. Do not use too many keywords as it may make your SEO unfruitful since the content will become unreadable. Rather, spread out the keywords and consider focusing one keyword per page.

There are some tools to support doing keyword research:

Keyword research and analysis tool Find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. KWFinder is an easy-to-use keyword research tool bringing perfect keyword ideas.

Ubersuggest From head terms to long-tail phrases you’ll get hundreds of suggestions from our free keyword tool. You’ll also see volume, the competition, and even seasonal trends for each keyword.

Keyword Tool: #1 Google Keyword Planner Alternative For SEO (FREE)Keyword Tool will help you discover thousands of new long-tail keywords related to any topic by automatically generating Google's search suggestions. The keyword suggestions will be produced based on a Google domain and language that you choose.

The Best Keyword Research Tool for Long Tail Keywordss - LongTailPro Find hundreds of low competition keywords, and with the brand new Rank Value feature, discover how profitable they might be for the kind of website you’re building.

WordPress Longtail Keywords SEO can provide the detailed information about each keyword such as CPC, Search Volume, Search volume in past 12 months, competition rate. You might not recognize the useful longtail keyword in your content while you’re writing, so we will extract the content and suggest you the longtail keywords from your content with the settings, such as the maximum words per term.

3. Optimize Your Main Title Tag & Your Post Headline

A very important part of ensuring effective SEO is to optimize your main title tag. This ensures your site is more readily found when someone searches for the keywords. Thus, try using an interesting slogan, tagline or keyword just before your brand name.

The headline of every blog post or web page also needs to be SEO optimized. Ensure the headline is not only captivating enough for people to want to click but also descriptive enough to gain a better search engine rank.

4. Write An Engaging Meta Description

The term Meta description refers to the short description seen in search results below your headline. An engaging description will help in luring more traffic to your website.

5. Optimize Your Site Architecture & Your URL

Both users and also search engine spiders should not have to look very hard so as to find any content on your website. A general tip to use is to keep your most important web pages within at least three clicks from your homepage. An easy way of checking whether you have buried content too far is to evaluate your URL structure.

Having a clear and clean URL is also vital for building traffic through SEO. It not only makes your site quick and easy to crawl for the search engines, and also users can remember it easily and share.

6. Evaluate Usage Data & Website Speed

The usage data of your website has huge effect on your SEO practices. Evaluate this data and discover whether people are staying on your site for longer than one minute.

How quickly your website loads also affects your ranking on search engines. If your website loads too slowly due to excessive imagery of flash content along with other common performance problems, then it is high time to start evaluating ways of enhancing the loading speed

Off-Page SEO:

1. Build Audiences With Social Media (don’t forget Google +)

Social media has a great impact on your overall search results. Hence, a good place to start with off-page SEO is to create sharable content and post it in all your social media pages for effective link-building.

One simple trick to get more traffic is to use Google+ for business. It is heavily integrated with all aspects of Google and therefore sharing your content through this social media site will have a considerable effect on your overall search rankings.

2. Join Associations And Other Offline Groups

Offline associations and groups really have a positive effect on your SEO strategy, especially for building credibility for your website. You can also get indirect links from your peers, which all helps to position your website as one of the industry leaders in your field.

Links from schools and non-profits are quite valuable for SEO since they are considered as both high trust and high value. Consider donating either your money or time to a local charity in your area to receive these benefits.

3. Guest Blog To Get Backlinks And Traffic

Get in touch with other top websites in your field and creating informative and interesting content for them. This kind of partnership is essential to getting more traffic to your website.

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Some of the Latest Techniques for Keyword Rankings are:-

  • Find The Right Keyword
  • Use it in your Content
  • Do Guest Blogging
  • Listing Submission
  • Post fresh Content over website regularly
  • Directory submission
  • Make Local and Social Presence
  • Video Posting and Sharing
  • Bookmarking is still in Trend
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Blog Commenting
  • Blogging Submission

Hope it helps you.

If you have questions or would like additional insights on any of these topics, let us know by adding a comment OR you can contact us TopinDigiXpert

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Tips to Increase Your
Organic Page Ranking

Check current ranking

Define a keyword list

Optimize page titles

Setup meta descriptions

Used Alt tag for images

Optimize URL structure

Add right anchor tag

Quality content always wins

Increase site speed & mobile responsive

Build relevant high domain authority backlinks

Find most trusted SEO Company in USA, help to boost your
keyword ranking in search engines.

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Don't do stuff what you like or what you know, In a smart way just analyze competitors and decide.

Work Smart Not Hard - This Is Also One SEO Technique!!!

1. Build better content than your competitors. If they write content around 1000 words, you try to write around 1300 because the research says that the word count for ranking a website for mid-level of competition or higher the word count is around 2300.

2. Do better on-page seo like adding exact match keywords, LSI keywords and keyword density and more at relevant places [sprinkle them].

3. Add modifiers to the title.

4. Add LSI keyword in meta description.

5. Make use of heading tags properly.

6. Use images relevant and optimize them.

7. Proper internal linking.

8. Proper navigation of the site.

9. Put important posts or pages in sidebar google feels that these are important pages or posts of this site/blog.

10. First, find where your competitor is getting links and try the same for your website/blog.

11. If you want to rank locally, go for local seo like submitting local seo directories, google listings, local search engines and make sure you use your location in title and content so that google can know that this particular page is fit for specific location. [Follow NAP: Name Address Phone number]

12. If your business is not local, better do not go for local seo. [do not mention location]

13. Use proper outbound links that are do follow, many say that if you give a do follow an outbound link to similar website/blog of others you may lose link juice. That's not true - just imagine the web without links, its bit hard. The whole web is built with links, doing this tells Google that two pages have a similar topic. This is called link sculpting.

14. Try some link building techniques like web directories [only few which have high domain authority and page authoeity] because we can get trust and authority.

15. Try broken link building and etc., which are effective and your competitor cannot get.

There are many SEO techniques i did not mention but make sure that you do a spectacular on page SEO and after that go for off page.

For SEO training in Hyderabad, contact me for in-depth and updated SEO with live examples.

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Off page seo is very important to do because mostly people come to website through other sites which are relative to our website niche.

There are new techniques which re come to us. But keep in mind google also change its algorithm of ranking website in search engine.

If you dont know that what is SEO then must understand its basics then come to next topic.

We can do off page seo with different ways which are most useful for a site.

You have to find relative blog and then comment on that blog with your blog URL. Day by day your blog ranking will be high time to time.

Next you need to find best article submission sites which allow article submitting but submit article which is relative to your topic.

Social bookmarking

Submit blog with daily basis.

Share your content to social sites

Creates videos and share to video sharing sites to get backlinks.

Create info graphics and share to sites online and get backlinks

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Nikolas Arngolz , SEO Expert, answered

First of all, you'd probably telling about backlink strategy. So that's why you can find some info

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Latest SEO techniques for gaining keyword ranking...

1. Focus On What Your Target Audience Wants

2. Analyze Your Website SEO

3. Always update your old content

4. Always getting quality Backlinks

5. Write Long Blog Posts and article post

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