Which are the latest SEO techniques for gaining keyword ranking?

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Protech Hub , Branding is useful., answered
Create your own brand.
promote yourself.
use forums.
social bookmarkings.
create unique and useful content for readers not for google.
be unique.
use social channels to promote your brand.
share your articles on different article websites.

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Piyush Parmar , Internet Marketing Expert, answered

more focus on on-page optimization

do quality, relevant & unique content for your website content

do content marketing

do link building on trustable website, good DA & PA website, without google panalise websites

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Henry Owen , Video Editor at Valoso.com, answered

SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, SMM, Affiliate Marketing are just a few methods you can use in order to generate leads to your website.

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Saim Ali , Passionate Digital Marketing Expert, answered

According to my perception, the most innovative SEO techniques are here: 

In depth content marketing.

guest blogging on high PA/DA sites

relevant niche based link building

google map optimization with more reviews

Being an expert at top rated Digital Marketing Agency in London, I would like to recommend you to must try these SEO techniques to rank your business in right way. May be, it takes time but it surely gives you massive organic traffic.

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manju rai , Digital Marketing Expert, answered

SEO is an essential step for increasing your websites traffic
and brand awareness. Getting to page one of the search results is important.

But then the question has arrived how to achieve it?

Here are some SEO techniques that will help you to achieve
top rank in SERP:

1. Perform website
Check whether your website have SEO Meta titles and descriptions. Remember,
optimize appropriately without keyword stuffing!

2. Optimize you
website images:
Your images must have keywords in their ALT tags

3. Off page

Mobile Site Optimization

Forum Posting

Social Bookmarking

Photo Sharing

Video Promotions

Local Listings and Yellow Pages

Classified Submission

Business Listing

Q & A

Document Sharing

Note: use Anchor
text systematically. Find LSI keywords “Latent Semantic Indexing". It
really just means variants of your main keyword.

So, if you are targeting “Digital Marketing course in
Hyderabad”, then some LSI keywords would be:

Finding LSI keywords is super easy. You can find it using Google
suggest options in the search bar.

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Tammy Philip answered

Keyword rankings have moved from traditional link building to other advanced techniques. Guest blogging is the new trend as posting a great content at a well-regarded site doubles the keyword rankings. Publishing quality and original content for a website makes it trustworthy and pushes the rankings a bit higher in Google’s search results. Optimizing the images by including ALT tags can also improve the keyword rankings a bit. Including Infographics and other posts on your blog makes the site more appealing to visitors.

Check Out the 2018 trends to shape content marketing

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John Parker , On Page SEO is very important to get top ranking in Search Engine, answered

here are some tips to make your website on page SEO. Read more

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Roshan Bajaj , Owner at WPENLIGHT, answered

I like your topic; especially it will help to them who are planning to create a new business online.

Here, your provided information help them to boost up relevancy on google search engine.
I would like to share my quick knowledge with you guys. Hope these tips help you.

Being SEO Excecutive I have personally implemented following strategies to get rankings at rocket speed:

1. Identify All Broken Links
2. Discover Effective Keyword From Promising Links
3. Connect To Your Audience By Social Networking
4. Develop Informative Blog
5. Deploy Blog Marketing Campaign
6. Participate In Online Community Of Your Niche
7. Submit Your Website To Search Engine
8. Post Your Blog at Major Websites
9. Promote Your Website With Link Baiting
10. Share Images, Photos & Videos
11. List Your Website In Local Directories
12. Posts Reviews About Business
13.  Share Products On Shopping Networks
14.  Participate In Question/Answer Website
15.  Complete an SEO Audit on your website.
16.  Learn what your users want.
17.  Create SEO optimized landing pages.
18.  Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
19.  Grow your traffic with infographics.
20.  Optimize your content for RankBrain.
21.  Write at least 1,890 words.
22.  Write a roundup post.
23.  Post valuable content on social media.
24.  Use advanced SEO internal deep linking.
25.  Send link juice to lower ranked pages.
26.  Link to external sites with high Domain Authority.
27.  Find and use your competitors’ SEO keywords.
28.  Use AdWords copy in your on-page SEO.
29.  Use multiple keywords in SEO page titles.
30.  Monitor Google Search Console stats.
31.  Regularly update your old content


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Kevin Walker answered

Focus on good link building techniques in routine

Avoid blackhat SEO strategies

Focus on content marketing

Use original and unique content and links

Avoid keyword stuffing

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