Which are the latest SEO techniques for gaining keyword ranking?

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Protech Hub Profile
Protech Hub , Branding is useful., answered
Create your own brand.
promote yourself.
use forums.
social bookmarkings.
create unique and useful content for readers not for google.
be unique.
use social channels to promote your brand.
share your articles on different article websites.

Piyush Parmar Profile
Piyush Parmar , Internet Marketing Expert, answered

more focus on on-page optimization

do quality, relevant & unique content for your website content

do content marketing

do link building on trustable website, good DA & PA website, without google panalise websites

Henry Owen Profile
Henry Owen , Video Editor at Valoso.com, answered

SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, SMM, Affiliate Marketing are just a few methods you can use in order to generate leads to your website.

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