How do I get money? I am physically diabled but not according to Missouri. I am unable to go out and get a normal job


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If you tried to get disability without an attorney you will usually lose, however if you obtain a disability attorney your chances of winning are much greater. I heard it usually  takes two years to get through the whole process.  If the attorney is able to get you your disability then their fee will come out of the money that disability will pay you for those two years. Good luck to you....

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Darling Divaa
Darling Divaa commented
Yea see that's what i heard. So much red tape i guess...
Rooster Cogburn
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Took me almost two years but they had to pay me for all the time I was sick. It came to a pretty large amount.
Darling Divaa
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Yea i heard that's when they take the Attorney fee out. I'm glad everything worked out for you Rooster (:

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