The Statement "today, The Dollar Is Worth About 45 Cents Describes What? 1 Inflation 2 Prices 3 Supply And Demand 4 Taxation 5 Deflation?


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The statement "today, the dollar is worth about 45 cents" describes a situation that indicates the depreciating value of a dollar. It is a derogatory term which is used to denote that the value of dollar is falling with every passing day. A cent is 1/100 part of a dollar. An American dollar is actually divided into 100 cents.

This term also suggest inflation by implying that one dollar seems more like just 45 cents rather the actual 100 cents that comprises a dollar. This is a sign of the growing price rise in all spheres of life and the hike in the price of every good and commodity. It tells about how hard and tough life has become due to inflation and how the money at hand is never enough.
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Supply and demand

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