Hello all, I am a school drop out. I studied till 10th grade. I have been just enjoying my time doing nothing. I never thought of taking a job. I am 27 years old. Now, I realise that I should go for a job. But can't get one. Any help?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Reality has finally caught up with you after all these years of fooling yourself.  The problem is you have a bigger challenge that you realize unfortunately.  Not only do you not have a High School Diploma or GED, you don't even have any kind of work experience to fall back on and in todays world of high unemployment, you are basically unmarketable as you really don't have anything any employer wants or needs.  Now you could go get your GED but with no work experience to fall back hurt will kill you in the real world as in finding any kind of work, but we all do some stupid things in our life but you really have outdone so many.  Maybe you can start your own business in something like Landscaping but that's your only hope unless you have a really good friend or relative that could hire you or maybe even get lucky and find a rich older woman looking for a young boy.  The bad thing here is you only have yourself to blame here for your non actions.  Good luck and Merry Christmas

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Sara Lewis answered

It's great that you've decided to go for a job, but I can see how you'd be finding it difficult given that you have no experience or qualifications. 10 years ago you might have found it easier when the economy was stronger, and there were more jobs available, but competition for jobs is fierce now, so employers can afford to be picky.

My advice to you is to try and get an internship or some voluntary work to begin with. This will mean you will be working for low or no pay, but it's a great way to get some experience on your resumé and show that you are a willing worker- a great quality employers look for.

If you aren't sure where to find these kind of opportunities, head down to your local job centre, they should be able to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, pick a field that interests you, that you may want to work in in the future, and contact local businesses to see if they may be able to give you some experience. Even if it's just a few hours a week to begin with, it's a step in the right direction.

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Charles Taylor answered

Get a job at a call center, KFC, McDonald's.

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Nice Girl answered

I think you should first look for something you're good at! I mean utilise your talents! Suppose you are a good writer... So write books, for a newspaper, for magazines etc. If you're good at photography, look forward to being a photographer. And so like this you have many professions!

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Chidera James answered

Start your own business or something your skills and talents, you'll be surprised how far you'll go. If you can sing, act or even dance, utilize your gift and it'll take you places. Although, when you dropped out of school, you should have had your whole future planned ahead of you, now you just have to figure out the person you want to be. Do apprenticeships and training programs, trust me in no time, you'll figure things out.

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You'd better study a skill to enhance your  competitive power. I mean you can work during the day and study at night?

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Don't worry!  All is not lost.

If you are serious about getting a job, I would look into completing your GED or HSED.  Most jobs when hiring someone your age will look to see if you have completed high school or have a GED/HSED.  Most community colleges/technical colleges/vocational colleges offer these classes and administer the test.

While you are working on your GED or HSED try to do some volunteer work.  Most job applications will allow you to put volunteer work on.  Even if they don't, the people you volunteer with or your volunteer coordinator could probably give you a good reference if you work hard and show up when you are supposed too--which are great job qualities.  Most nursing homes/assisted living homes/hospitals/church or other religious groups have opportunities to volunteer.  Also while you are working on your GED/HSED you can try to get a job somewhere like McDonald's

Once you have your GED/HSED you can try to get better jobs go on to other post-secondary school which can dramatically include how much money you can make in a lifetime.

If you have trouble finding a job most schools (the one you get your GED/HSED) might have jobs services.  Otherwise you can contact a free job service to help you find one.

Best of luck

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