What are the roles, responsibilities and function of UNICEF?


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UNICEF stands for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, and is a UN championed humanitarian organisation offering assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

UNICEF was founded in 1946, shortly after the UN was formed and, chaired by Ludwik Rajchman, provided emergency humanitarian aid to children in the war ravaged countries after the fall out from World War II.

UNICEF's tag line is "For Every Child In Danger", which describes what they do pretty concisely. In recent years they have provided aid to children affected by Typhoon Hagupit in the Philippines, the war in Syria and the Ebola virus in Africa.

Wherever there is a humanitarian crisis, children are always affected and are often the most vulnerable, which is where UNICEF step in to provide essential assistance.

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1.Provission of education to all vulnerable children. 

2.To improve social services like health center, schools

3. To insure good parental knowladge.

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