What are the business steps for social responsibilty?


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Although I am not a manager I can have a guess:

Ethical manufacturing of products - either own label or wholesale

Decreasing the environmental impact of an business - like using recycled paper, water-based inks, and recycling waste when appropriate

Being an equal opportunity employer and not discriminating against certain groups of people and providing jobs for disenfranchised people or ex-offenders, or those with a disability.  Example having or accepting people from work scheme to help people into work like work placements. 

Ethical gain of capital and profits and being honest with investors and shareholders

Complying with the law in context to the type of business run

Managing in a way that does not compromise anyone's safety or health - no workplace bullying or illegal practices. 

Giving back to the community like supporting local organisations and community clubs etc and charities - supporting or funding a project that would develop a school dept; or improve facilitates of children or a benefit for a charity

Training staff and protecting their employees rights and treating them fairly and with respect.  Good pay and conditions. 

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