'Discuss the principles of organization that good human resource managers should know and follow in the course of dealing with their junior staff in various employment affairs.' Can anyone help me with this question?


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There are various principles of organisation that human resources managers follow. When dealing with junior staff some become more pertinent. Here are some thoughts on the topic. 

Division of work

How work is divvied up amongst employees is important. Younger, more junior members of staff should expect to undertake more menial task but human resources managers should recognise that giving them the chance to show their abilities can only be good for the broader business.


Like everyone else, junior members of staff must answer to a higher authority - namely the boss.  The behaviours and attitudes this entails should be made explicit to them.


In order to get the most from staff it's important to provide stability. A reliable sources of income is their reward for complying with organisational requirements. Young staff are sometimes deprived this stability, which is not beneficial to business.

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