What Is A Collective?

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The term collective is applied in the case of a body of people who come together for the realisation of common goal or due to belief in similar values that lead to affirmative action on their part to achieve the desired conclusion which in turn may be related to fields of a social, economic or scientific nature.

A collective is generally self-regulated and autonomous with the members having power of discretion with the basis of actual working being founded on mutual agreement, discussions and egalitarian values as may be the case. Examples of ventures of a collective kind would be farmland shared in common by a community or in the corporate world the formation of a team for completing a project.

According to social theorists and psychologists a collective comes in to being only when the consciousness of the members is oriented in the same direction united by at least one issue at stake with respect to the end result and usually in harmony with the culture of the society within which it is formed.

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