What are your best interview tips?


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I have several rules I try to stick by, but before I list them, I'll throw in a little disclaimer:

Different jobs have different interview requirements, and what might be seen as a strength in one role or in the eyes of a particular employer, might be a big negative in other circumstances.

This leads to my first rule:

Do your homework

If you've ever been setup for an interview through a recruitment agency, they always encourage you to check out the website of the company you're interviewing at.

I think that's a given, but my tip is to go that extra bit further. Every other applicant is going to scan the company's homepage too - so dig deeper and look for "conversation points".

Look at things they've been involved in previously, what kind of projects they're currently working on, articles they've been mentioned in... Any resource that gives you more insight into the company.

Not only will it impress the interviewer that you've spent the time really getting to know their brand, but it will also help you on rule number 2:

Ask questions

Sitting back and waiting for the interviewer to initiate conversations is a bad strategy. You'll appear less engaged, and you'll give the employer to much "control" over the conversation.

What you really want to do is lead the conversation into areas you're confident or strong in.

Asking questions also puts you on the front foot. It shows that you're passionate and genuinely interested, and it shows that you can take initiative and have insight that will be of value to the company.

Be energetic

This might not be a rule that applies to every position, but energy and appearing animated in an interview translates into enthusiasm and confidence.

Smile, use positive body language, show that you can be focused and serious - but also don't be afraid to reveal a sense of humour.

My personal trick is to listen to some upbeat music on the way to the interview and also enjoy a can or two of Red Bull before you go in.

Stand out

If you're competing against several other candidates, your main objective should be to stand out. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the employer: "what is it they're looking for in a potential employee?"

Try to meet that minimum requirement, but also try to sell them on an "added value" that you bring - something they hadn't considered before.

When they look back at how the interviews went and who they should call back, the first name will always be for the most memorable interviewee.

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Take the moment of having to dress nicely to the fullest extent possible. Before you leave your place for your interview, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you truly think you look good. This is what you want to go for. This way, if you feel good about your outside, you're going to feel good about your inside.

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There are lots of interview tips and hacks but these are my favorites

1. Prepare adequately well in advance. Start by researching the company, their challenges, their problems

2. Prepare and research possible interview questions

3. Prepare and research possible odd ball questions.

4. Dress well

5. Arrive on time

6. Make a good first impression. This means you need to smile well

You can find more interview tips

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Here We will discuss some useful interview tips -

Prepare yourself for interview questions - This is an interview - you’re gonna get questions. While you may not know how it works, there are some general questions that are asked in most interviews. Practice those!

Practice to be Perfect - You may not know exactly what they’re going to ask you, but you have to prepare yourself for every question. Practice the delivery of your speech and improve your computing time.

Know properly about the company - Research about the company add monitoring for keywords related to the company where you will be interviewing with.

Bring your resume copies - Bringing notes will not only help you to remember some of your answers and questions to ask them, but you’ll look more professional and well prepared for an interview when you cane out a notebook from your briefcase before answering the tough question.

Develop a connection with the interviewer by asking questions by your side. Try to know the interviewer’s name. This era is like that you have to speak up and come at with your own question.

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Hello there,

I will share with you some tips that my mother gave me when
I was going for my first interview. To begin with, you should do some research
about the workplace and prepare for some possible questions that the
interviewer may ask you. You should also list a few common topics on which you
can be assessed and be ready to handle tough questions.

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Just answer honestly.

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