Which mortgage company is the best to refinance?


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Sara Lewis answered

Refinancing, or remortgaging, can be a daunting decision. The most obvious reason for doing so is to save money, and therefore it is important to carefully research the different options and companies available. The best one to go with will be dependent upon your own personal financial position- for example, the LTV (loan-to-value) ratio you currently have.

Before making any decisions I would advise checking out the remortgaging guide at here, which gives you really comprehensive advice about the process from start to finish.

Another thing to think about is that, since the global economic crisis, lenders are far more wary about who they issue loans to, and therefore it is vital to put yourself in the best possible position before you even apply, so it is well worth considering the suggested steps to improve your credit score, and maximise your chances of the best possible deal.

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