What's the coolest free promotional gift you've ever received?


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I have received numerous promotional gifts through the years.  I can remember when I was younger getting excited to go round the local fetes collecting as many bags, pens, balloons as possible.  I had an awesome time talking to the different people and collecting as much 'stuff' as I could.

Now that I am older I do like a free pen (as I begrudge buying one),

however for me the best one is not an expensive one, it is one that I always use.  The free Cinema tickets.  I love the cinema, the whole experience, buying the popcorn, watching the 45 mins of adverts when all you want is the film to start, the anticipation of what the films holds.  I just love it.  So when I can get my hands on free ones I jump at the chance.

I normally get my free tickets from Sky Rewards or The Disney Store.

Sky Rewards

As long as you are a sky movies package holder you are entitled to free advance screening of certain movies.  At the moment you can book for The Big Wedding and The Iceman.  You are limited to days and times but to be honest it is a wonderful scheme, and you should take advantage.

To claim the tickets all you need to go is log onto your sky account online and look up the rewards and see what is available.

The Disney Store

I have 2 children so this really helps me out, when it comes to them wanting to see the latest Disney flick. Many people are not aware of this scheme so I will enlighten you. 

If you sign up to the Disney Store e-mail via your local store, you will of course receive regular e-mails regarding the latest deals in store.  However every so often, they will issue you with an e-mail explaining that if you say a 'magical password', you are able to get free cinema tickets to an advance screening of a particular film.  For example the last showing I saw was Wreck it Ralph.  I had to say to a cast member 'I'm gonna wreck it" and they gave me 4 free cinema tickets.  It was that simple. 

Once again you are limited to to a certain day and time, however for families it is perfect 10am on a sunday.  It is worth signing up to this.  Plus they do also offer discounts as well which is not advertised anywhere else, for example 20% off over a 2 day period.

I know they are not that amazing but I have found them to be the most beneficial to me.

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