What Is A Good Way To Create A Reference Number For All Communications Like Fax, Letters, Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, Etc..?


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The best way to write a reference number for any official communication like fax messages (a fax is the abbreviation for the word facsimile), letters, purchase orders, delivery notes, etc. is to use any unique combination of letters, numbers or other symbols or characters. This reference number will appear on all official mail that is sent to or received from the organisation that uses this set of reference numbers.

These are used by the manufacturers of products and every organisation to identify, either in full or in part, an item of production or an item of supply. A reference number is basically defined as a unique number (or alphanumeric combination) which is given to a specific transaction to identify it from other transactions.

A good way to write a reference number is to use a combination of figures which characterise a specific account and the payment which is related to it. It connects the invoice which is submitted by the seller to the customer and the payment order which is made on the basis of it.

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