Why are the London Bankers expected to get bonuses of many billions of pounds when the only reason many of them are still in a job is because we bailed them out the last time?


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Arthur Wright answered
Because your bail out of them, very much like ours here in the US only gave new breath to an old aging corrupt system so it could come back alive and restart up where it left off again, screwing the people out of their money with reckless abandonment just like Obama is doing here
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Hilary Newton answered
Looks like they have got the Goverment and Country over a barrel,they say that they pay tax out of thier bonuses thats thier argument,I think Goverment should call thier bluff and see  if they go to pastures new, i bet that would prove how many non jobs there are in that proffesion,and those in local councils, (sorry got carried away) i suffer from babbleitis now +then,
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John Swindells answered
The banking world knows that governments and their economies are effectively dependent on them.  You would think that the dependency would be two-way, but I don't think that's the case; the banks the world over can basically hold society to ransom.

After all, they are 'too big to fail' and they know it.
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Annie Devore answered
The US Banking System Is A Joke Too..  Bailout After Bailout Still Getting Bonuses..It's A Farce.. Fat Cats Getting Rewarded For Bad Behavior.
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An RBS banker recently received a bonus of £2M on top of his salary.    I have many hard working friends on less than 20K a year who would need to work 100 years, just to equal his one year bonus. How sick is that?

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