Are People Aware That The 'Forward Messages' Mail That They Receive And Send Is Being Tracked By Companies Which Sell The Addresses To Advertising Companies And Other Entities?


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I knew that penny, just thought others already knew it, just delete all the hanger on addresses that it has been sent to prior to you sending or forwarding it to others,a lot of people don't and any one can get a email address and yeah they sell them.that is the reason for strangers sending ads to your email address....same as telemarketing except they are on the comp.....
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Great issue to bring to light, Pen.  When you receive a forwarded email, unless you remove all other email addresses of other recipients before sending on, those email addresses are trackable and tracked by multiple services, and added to SPAM lists...

ALWAYS delete the addresses of previous recipients before sending on.  And when sending a forwarded email. Use a "hidden" or "consolidated/group" email address for these reasons.
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Thanks I got this from you initially and with the ever increasing number of these 'mail's, felt it ought to be mentioned to the community at large.
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I did not know when we receive that funny email forwarded on by many hundreds of people and friends, are we to delete these emails?
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penny please tell me more about the forward messages  I had no idea. I am still learning the computer and really appreciate how to protect myself on the net.

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