How Did Unemployment Influence Crime Rate?


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Crime has existed throughout history. Before unemployment became an issue there was crime. People have always been unemployed just not at the rate we are now. It's a shame that in some environments people tend to do better through tough times as we are seeing now. You have other environments that are not as fortune as others. I believe that through this that is where crime begins to be influence.

Society cries that we all have the same opportunity to gain wealth as all the other rich people in the world. If that were true we would all be rich and predicaments cause no one would have anything different to offer anyone else. I believe that crime is more influence through emotional struggles than anything. For example if a person loses their job and can't seem to get a grip or cope with simply just trying to find another one. Then that person's mental state becomes a hazard for that person because they have become unstable emotionally. Bad decisions are birth when we find ourselves in predicaments we are not accustomed to and they threaten our survival.

When a person feel that they are being withheld from succeeding or progressing. Survival instincts come in to play and usually a person will submit to or do whatever they feel at that moment is necessary for their survival. Yes even if it means killing someone. There is the birthplace of crime and the increasingly rate of it. Pressure is the number one influence of crime.

People who have never quite encountered any real struggles or problems always try to make it appear as if they had to really fight hard to get to where they got. So they assume if they did it so can everyone else. But what they don't realize is they had their parent's relatives and friends around to support them through things that someone else has not. Someone who has never had to suffer through mental and physical abuse will automatically think someone should easily get over it.

We as a society and people are more influenced by our past than we are by what's going on around us now. We have a lot of undealt issues from our past that haunts us each day of our lives. Left undealt with they begin to build pressure in and around people lives. This is another birthplace for crime. It starts within the mind. If we really could learn to control our minds the world would be a safer place.

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