How Can We Define Sales Order(VA01) & Scheduling Agreement(VA31)?


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VA01 is the transaction code for a sales order. A sales order is defined as a document which is used by an organisation to approve, track and process the outbound shipments of customers. A sales order, which has the transaction code VA01, is one in which the procedure is as follows: logistics  sales and distribution  sales  order  VA01-create. This goes to the instruction to create the sales order and the screen is initialised.

On the other hand, VA31 is the transaction code for a scheduling agreement. A customer scheduling agreements exercise is defined as an outline agreement with the customer which contains the quantities of the goods which are to be delivered and the dates on which they are due to be delivered. These are then entered as schedule lines in a document which is known as a delivery schedule. Schedule lines can either be created when the scheduling agreement is created or they can be created later.

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