Why Is Harmonizing Of Personal And Enterprise Objectives Seen As A Key To Leading?


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First of all you must have a clear idea about what is the difference between the personal objectives and the enterprise objectives. Just take an example to understand it. If you are planning to start a project and it is beneficial for the company then you will want to go for it. However, if it is a very risky project then obviously a loss will not only affect the company but your reputation will be also badly affected. In this case, to start the project can be an enterprise objective and to be risk averse because of the fear of reputation is a personal objective.

Now, I am coming to your question. This is true in some cases that harmonizing personal and business objectives can be good for your enterprise.  The first enterprise objective is to make economic connections with major markets. If you approach your personal networking like friends for this, you can get a lot of benefit. Your business will grow and you will also develop strong networking. Therefore, always make your business contacts close to you. In this way some enterprise objectives should be harmonized with personal aims to get success.

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