What Do You Know About OIC (Organization Of Islamic Conference)?


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OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) was founded in August 1969 when the Jews set fire to a part of Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Muslims all over the world were irritated and thought that effective steps should be taken to protect the Islamic countries from the aggressive forces and they realized that the unity of Muslims was necessary. It was decided to hold a conference among the leaders of all the Muslim countries to discuss the threat faced by the Muslim world.

The first Summit conference of OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) was held at Morocco in September 1969. The Middle East situation was discussed in detail. Besides the discussion on Palestine problem and condemnation of the Jewish aggression, a community was formed to eliminate poverty, illiteracy and disease from the Islamic countries. It was decided to set up an Islamic development Bank for the help of needy countries. Hence the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) proved to be a good and effective step in helping the Muslim community all over the world.

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