Why Is It Advantageous To Have Weak Bonds Between Complementary Base Pairs And Strong Covalent Bonds Between Phosphate And Deoxyribose Groups In A DNA Molecule?


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Complementary Base pairs are a connection between RNA and DNA via a hydrogen bond. Covalent Bonds are between Phosphate and Deoxyribose are both bonds in DNA proteins.

The advantage of the weak bond serves when transporting information from the DNA through the use of enzymes (creating RNA with Ribose and phosphate). RNA is a single strand that can transport proteins to other DNA structures (like instructions telling the enzymes to create more of the RNA... Just the way viruses work). It makes the delivery and then this new DNA structure can start replicating the RNA. This is why it benefits having a weaker bond. It will never break the original double-stranded DNA, but it can manipulate it.

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