How much a creative director can usually earn in commercial advertising per month? My friend said he earned around $900 every two month


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The average bottom pay for a creative director in the USA is $69,328 a year ($5,777.33 a month) and the average top pay is $137,985 a year ($11,498.75 a month. More then half of creative directors make between $82,000 and $119,000 a year ($6,833.33 to $9,916.66 a month).
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Depends on your contract and where you are working. Also if your just starting in the company or put in charge of a group or accounts. A forklift driver can make nine hundred in a week depending on the hours they work. Just like any other job.but like I said it depends on which part of the world you live and work in. 900 isn't enough to even live on in most parts of the world. You should at least be making 3-4 times that.if you want a home,car,food,clothes.medical,insurance,retirement. Just saying.but also in this economy anyone with a job is blessed.

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