True or false, students who get financial aid will never learn how to work?


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I know many people who have received financial grants like the Pell Grant to attain their college degree and they have been very successful. I actually took out loans, had a GI bill and a pell grant. Took me 11 years to pay back my loans.Maxine, it is NOT about the financial aid. It is about the person. This type of financial aid has helped many people to get over the economical barriers of life. But, I think it is flawed in the way THAT if students are granted aid and f off and do not graduate, or keep putting it off, I believe the grants should have to be REPAID to the government. This way students would get off their butts and finish what they started.
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Also, Maxine, there is the work-study program which is very successful. My daughter will go to college next fall and the tuition is 56k annually. She will do the work study program, the community service grant, state scholarship for making a high ACT score and a small financial aid package. We plan to take no loans, I am praying.
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False some get finical aid and work at the same time
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While some just get financial aid and do not work just because they get free money from the government.
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It's true with some people Maxine as they get aid and won't work because either they can't find a job or don't want to look for one, as the government is giving them free money and handouts which are obviously enough for some people to live on.

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