True or false: The more you get laid off, the less likely you will find a job?


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Yep that's just a side-effect that some employers look at.They don't look at the reasons why someone left a job:  All they see is a list on a CV which suggests they can't settle or hold down a job.This isn't a personal attack on anyone, it's just one more way for employers to find out who the best candidate is.
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Option 2 "or", you give me 3 option, 1st true, 2nd or 3rd false, therefore I chose "or", ha ha I am so coool, hey did you get the job yet?
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Maxine Chan
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Nope. No job yet.. I went to a job center though for help.
Arun Bera
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Job centre ok i think they must be charge some money, why didn't u use net for job vaccany according to ur need, by the way i hope that i will soon get a job.
Maxine Chan
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Haha nah I will go to the career center for job advising at school to see if I can work at school part time for 15 to 20 hours.

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