An employee might legitimately object to Internet restrictions if?


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If the restrictions reduce the employee's ability to access resources online that are helpful or nearly essential for them to perform or improve their job performance.

For example, an employee may object to a blanket ban on social sites if they are supposed to track relations with customers, and they can show that one or more of the company's customers use such sites to interact with their customers or the general public. In this case management would need to re-assess the ban to allow the employee to have access to possibly vital customer information. Or an employee might object to bans on video sites (like Youtube) if they can PROVE that video information available on those sites is actually important to have access to.

The most important criteria for an objection to internet restrictions is that the information being blocked must be able to be PROVEN to be important to the employee's work, and show that having it blocked will slow, if not actually prevent them from effectively performing their job.

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