What are the possibly questions to be expected by anyone looking for employment in accounting firm?


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Applicants for accounting jobs can usually expect questions relating to their knowledge and the core skills and abilities generally required to secure success within the field of accountancy. An extensive list of likely questions, and the best ways to answer them, can be found at the Best Job Interview website.

Exact requirements of knowledge will vary between employers, as well as levels and scopes of accountancy jobs, but they generally include some or all of the following:

  • Accounting practices and principles
  • Auditing practices and principles
  • Financial data analysis and reports
  • Management accounts and budgets
  • Software applications in accounting
  • Relevant laws, regulations or codes and their application

As many basic knowledge questions will have been answered by the training, qualifications and work experience as detailed in a CV, questions similar to these should be expected:

  • Have the recent tax changes been implemented by your current company?
  • Can you detail your previous experience in preparing management accounts?
  • Can you explain the various accounting packages recently used by you and detail which one was most suitable to you, and why?
  • Give an example of a complex financial project involving precise collection and analysis of data and tight deadlines you have handled.
  • Explain how you keep track of a list of things demanding your attention.

There will also possibly be questions relating to task and information monitoring, organization and planning, problem assessment and analysis, problem solving and judgment, attention to detail and questions relating to job motivation.

It is advisable to prepare a set of examples regarding every aspect of the work previously covered in advance. Details should include a description of specific situations or tasks, steps or actions taken and an outline of the results or outcome. This should consist of what happened, what was achieved and what was learned from the situation.

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