What types of intervention that could promote positive outcomes for children where development is not following the expected pattern?


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There are many kinds of intervention which you can use to promote positive outcomes for children such as providing them with wholesome learning experiences. Mind you but the things your children learn inside the classroom are often restricted on their subject areas like English, Science, and Math. These subjects have specific objectives so you can already expect what your kids will learn. However, with learning interventions like those not usually found in the four walls of the classroom, you can expect your children to learn more.

Here are some things you can do to promote positive outcomes as far as your child's total growth and development is concerned:

  • Provide wholesome learning activities

As a teacher you shouldn't only depend on the activities provided in your lesson guide. You have to think out of the box every now and then. Find some strategies or activities which you know your children will surely enjoy. Apply them in the classroom or if there are outdoor learning activities, the better.

  • Promote independence

Don't do things for your children otherwise they'll get used to it and they will grow dependent on you. Instead, allow them to learn things on their own. Give them the chance to discover new things on their own. All you need to do is facilitate learning.

  • Unveil their potentials

You'll be surprised with what these kids can do if you only give them the opportunities to shine. You can let them join in extracurricular activities, clubs and school organizations, and even in competitions.

These interventions can work especially if you also provide the right motivation to your children. You can motivate them intrinsically or extrinsically. Make use of reinforcements such as praising them for their great job or giving prizes for their performances.

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