Bank sort code 08 71 99 where is it?


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The sort code 08-71-99 is a sort code used by the Co-operative Bank in Britain, for their Cashplus Accounts, otherwise known as Current Account Plus. The Co-operative Bank was formed in 1872 but did not become a registered company until nearly a century later, in 1971. In 1982 it became the first bank to offer an interest-bearing cheque account. The bank's headquarters are in Manchester, England. The Co-operative Bank is marketed as an ethical bank, as it will not invest in any companies that are involved in any business laid out in the 1992 ethical policies drawn up by the bank themselves. Examples of the types of company that the bank won't be dealt with are any company involved in global climate change, animal testing, the arms trade, and also any company that is involved in slave labor. The bank falls under the umbrella of the Co-operative Financial Services together with the Co-operative Insurance Society. The Co-Operative Bank and Britannia Building Society have been in talks over a possible merger and in 2009 members of Britannia Building Society voted in favor of the merger. Sort codes are operated in both Britain and Ireland and are the codes that are used to identify banks, and their branches, when transferring money between banks and through clearance organizations. All sort codes are three sets of two numbers and in all cases either the first, or the first two digits identify the bank itself. Sort codes were introduced to Britain's banks in the 1960s and can only be used when moving money between British or Irish banks. If money is being transferred internationally then international networks are used. International Network Codes are used throughout Europe. Other countries use BIC codes. BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code and these codes are used in, amongst others, the United States and Australia.

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