Compare entrepreneurship in Nigeria with Japan, India and Malaysia?


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You will find that entrepreneurship in Nigeria is growing at a rapid rate with more opportunities for overseas trade and jobs in emerging technology increasing.

Japan and Malaysia have certainly had a head start on Nigeria and India due to having a more developing economy and now higher value products, however Nigeria and India are becoming bigger forces in the world economy.

A lot of people become entrepreneurs due to a lack of jobs and thus they believe creating their own is the way forward. This has certainly been the case in Nigeria, as many people have found work hard to come by or if they do get a manual job the money is very low.

Therefore a lot of Nigerians believe they can start up their own similar business and take a lot more of the profits than they would simply working for someone else. However many new businesses fail in the first three years and so it is certainly now an easy task to take on.

You will find entrepreneurship in every country has a similar ethos and plan, although the industry they are in may be quite different. Entrepreneurs are seen as a great boost to a country's economy and this is certainly the case with Nigeria, Japan, India and Malaysia. The extra revenue and jobs the entrepreneurs create in these countries can be vital for their overall development.

Although money, education and experience can be important for an entrepreneur to succeed, it can be done without all three if they have the correct drive and a good idea. This is shown in Nigeria and India where a lot of people are born into poverty and struggle to attain a good education. Yet they manage to launch their own business and turn their fortunes around with a lot of hard work and determination.

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