Is intel clearing exchange a scam?


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This company should be avoided, as it is not accredited by Better Business Bureau who has rated this company a lowly F in its reliability report.

Their description of this rating is as follows: "We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.”

The BBB strongly advise against sending money to companies such as Intel, as although they advertise they work at home opportunities, they are in fact not hiring anyone.

The scam works as they ask people to send money to get started and then either fail to follow through with the promised employment or simply advise people to place similar deceptive ads in their own local papers. They are able to get away with this as most work at home companies advertise in states other than where they are located, which means they avoid prosecution.

Although some of these companies offer a money back guarantee, the BBB advises that in their experience very few customers actually manage to obtain a refund.

So in conclusion, yes the Intel clearing exchange is a scam, stay away from companies like this, and similar work from home offers that seem a bit too good to be true. Visit the BBB website for more information on Intel Clearing Exchange:
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Would you like to send a link to the website? The only company that easily comes up under that name is a small company in Arizona that seems to sell alarm systems - but it doesn't provide any contact information which seems unusual. The fact that it's hard to find direct information about your company, but lots of people seem to be asking about it, is maybe a bit suspicious.

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