Why Do Men Ask Women For Money?


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Men ask women for money for all sorts of reasons.

The actual act of asking for money can be positive, negative, or neutral - depending on the relationship between the man and woman in question.

Why do men ask women for money?
Men ask women for money for a million different things:

  • Paying the bills
  • Buying groceries
  • Going out with their friends
  • Shopping for clothes
  • Getting drunk and playing slot machines
I get the sense, from your question, that you seem to think there's something wrong with a man asking a woman for money. To be honest, I find this slightly offensive. It suggests that women should have to rely on men and be submissive, but men can't rely on women in the same way.

Should a woman give her man money?
If a woman is comfortable sharing her money with a man, then I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! The problems only start when a man is 'using' a woman for her money.

People can do whatever they want in their relationships, but I personally feel you shouldn't base a meaningful and balanced relationship on relying on one person's finances.

Relationships are all about give and take. If a man is 'taking' your money, you should make sure you 'get' something in return.

If he's just asking you for money but not making you happy or bringing something to the relationship, I'd get rid of him faster than I cancelled my overpriced broadband and cable TV deal.
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Because of no money, natural speaking, as a couple if a man doesn't have money then he can ask it from a woman, we are equal in this world, so help each other is important.

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