Why Do Women Get Retire Earlier Than Men? Is It Fair? Women Live Longer Than Men.


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ly fen chen answered

In my country, the retirement is the same age for men or women they are equal, but frankly speaking, women are weaker than men, even some special works there's no woman too, example of the construction, there are all men as well.

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riff severn answered
NO, it is batently NOT fair !
Women live longer and also work less due to time off in pregnancy and mothering for the first year or more, yet they have always had this bizarre luxury of getting a pension 5 years before men
outrageous sexual discimination and inverted logic
as of yet I have found NO ARTICLE that explains why women have had the right to retire 5 years earlier than men - how come no-one knows why ?
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Arthur Wright answered
Didnt know they did? Thought retirement was same age for both all along. Guess I learned something today

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