What is the difference between employment and unemployment?


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Employment is when you work for an organization for a stipulated time period or full time as a regular worker and in turn you are paid for your share of work. Pay out could be fixed or variable. Employment boosts up economy and helps in maintaining a balance within the society where as unemployment is a pathetic situation for any country and is considered alarming for the economic scenario. It is a kind of situation when a country is unable to provide jobs to its people or residents and as a result it faces lots of economic downturn and productivity problems. Also activities like stealing and riots become more prominent. bagbunch.com/anya-hindmarchs-london-store-burglarized-design Sometimes youth is involved in stealing activities only to have fun and enjoyment but in many cases it as been found that the people who are involved in stealing are either unemployed or fired from their workplaces.
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Unemployment can be defined as a person who is older than 16 that is willing and able to work but could not find a job in the past 4 weeks WHEREAS employment is the opposite

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If you are in employment then it means you have a job, or career .  So if you are unemployed then you have no job , and are out of work . 

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