Where Is The Unemployment Office In The Clearwater, FL Area?


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Unemployment is only a temporary state of being, as work brings its own rewards; a great network of colleagues and friends, a sense of purpose in working towards a common goal, and contributions both on a national and supranational level as part of the global workforce.

Clearwater is a city located in central Pinellas County, Florida, USA, nearly due west of Tampa. It has around 110,000 citizens, and the smallest of the three large cities that constitute the Tampa Bay area alongside Tampa and St Petersburg.

The most popular companies who hire include Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, HCA and Humana; Among the most common occupations in Clearwater are Management, professional, and related occupations (33%), sales and office occupations (25%) and Service occupations (16%). If you are unemployed in Clearwater, Florida, here are some steps to apply for unemployment. Gather the following information required to file your claim: Name, contact information, social security number, name and address of last employer, date you started working with your last employer, date of final day of work with your last employer, driver’s license number.

Go to the State of Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation website and access the Florida Unemployment Internet Direct Claims at www2.myflorida.com/fluid/. Click on the Claim Form button at the bottom of the page to start filing your unemployment insurance claim online and fill out the information in the form to file your claim for unemployment benefits online. Should you run into a problem online, call the claims phone number at 1-800-204-2418 or visit your local Clearwater One-Stop Center and file your claim in person.
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There are no local "Unemployment offices" any more filing is done strictly by phone at 800-204-2418 and online at www.floridajobs.org  The state of Florida's Unemployment office is now called "The Agency for Workforce Innovation". The answer stating the address in Clearwater is incorrect that is a private business location that has nothing to do with the government unemployment program.
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I believe there is one on Gulf to Bay, near Dayton Andrews Chrylser dealership....coming from Tampa, you pass Dayton Andrews and it will be on the same side, just past DAndrews.  It is a one story building..if you get to the stoplight, you have gone too far.
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I m looking for a Job as a welder

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