Mathematics Question: Maryam pays $3000 on the 30th day of a $7,000, 120-day, and 8% loan. What is the adjusted principal after the partial payment is made if ordinary interest is applied?


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$7000 + $7000(.08)(30/360) - $3000 = $4046.67
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Who cares if its their homework?!?! If you're a millionaire why are you sitting on here answering these kinds of questions? Go be productive with your millionaire status you weirdo! If a student can ask a classmate to help in class than why is this any different?
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Why are you asking questions that sound like your homework because if it is your homework you will just get more idiotic if you don't do it yourself. Believe me... I have a company and am millionaire and I didn't get this way from slacking off.

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