In you're position as filing supervisor, explain the three types of numeric filing/numbering systems to your staff?


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                      Not sure if this is what your looking for but hope it helps.    Numbering systems that uses  three systems a. Is serial numbering, 2. Unit numbering, using number adaptation  of this social security, family numbering serial units    2. Alphabetical number is  Filing Systems types are combines alphabetical filing system with alphabetical  identification with alphabetical filing, watch out for  same name in this system.    3. Terminal digit -straight numerical  and middle digit filing system- Terminal digit uses 6 numbers for three  section example 12-04-00, terminal is 12, secondary digits is 04, primary digits  is 00. Straight numbering is medical records are filed in straight  chronological order. Middle digit is an alternative to the terminal, is a  combination of terminal and middle with 6 digits except the middle  digits are mprimary and left digits are secondary and the  right are tertiary with a block of 100 example records files in straight  numerical order is 55-42-97, follows 55-42-98   

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