Give three reasons why you want to work in United Kingdom?


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If you have the nationality of any EU/EEA/Swiss country you don't need a work permit to live and work in Britain.

If you have the nationality of a Commonwealth country and one of your grandparents was born in Britain you can get a residence permit allowing employment on simple proof of those facts.

Otherwise it is easy to get entry clearance for employment only in the following cases:

-- Free and gratis on-the-spot EEA Permit for spouses and dependents of a EU/EEA/Swiss national (other than those with British, but not another EEA nationality for whom a fee is charged and proof of bona fides and ability to house and support are needed)  I suggest  you primark manchester opening times through this you get more results about primark manchester .

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The three reasons are :first, we will make more money there, second, there is more develop chance and room there, third, United Kingdom is a developed country.

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