When Comparing The Strength Of Bonds Between Molecules, What Kind Of Bonds Do Ionic Bonds Have? What Kind Of Bonds Do Molecular Bonds Have?


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 When Comparing The Strength Of Bonds Between Molecules, Ionic Bonds Have very strong bonds And Molecular Bonds Have very weak bonds. In between the two types lies the covalent bond. For further information click on the link:  bonds strength
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Better. Ionic bonds are between atoms which have completely traded there electrons to form a salt for example. Less of a bond than a collaboration or other word I can't think of now. Molecules have bonds where electrons from two atoms are shared but not equally. The electrons could be closer to one atom than the other but still considered bonded. Thus they have a dipole moment (a charge) or are not symmetrically charged and this effects what kind of reactions they will have. These are called covalent bond since electrons are in valence orbitals and are co- or shared between each other. H2 now is a covalent bond that is symmetrical and the electrons are shared equally between the two atoms. I hope this isn't over complicated for you.
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Salts have ionic bonds since the elcetrons or one atom, say Na gives up its free electrons to Cl in NaCl giving them both full outer shells of electrons. Molecules have covalent bonds, co-, shared, valent, valence or outer electrons where the electrons are shared note equally but still shared my both atoms. This creates a dipole moment of varied strength depending on the charge of the two atoms involved.
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There are two types of molecular bonds ionic bonds and covalent bonds.
In ionic bonds one of the atoms involved in the reaction donates an electron to gain negative charge and the other gets the electron to gain a positive charge .
In covalent bonds the electrons are mutually shared by the atoms to fulfill electron deficiencies
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The least amount of energy so ionic bonds are very easy to break.

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