What Are The Good Qualities Of Internal Auditors?


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What are the five good attributes of a good auditor?
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There are various qualities that should be the attributes of an internal auditor.

The first and foremost quality that is expected in every internal auditor is that he should audit so subtly that there should be no room for error to find for the person who come from outside the organisation to audit the company. If the outside auditor consistently finding that there is no flaw in the work in the particular company, he will later tend to avoid even if he finds some minor errors.

The other quality that is expected in an auditor is the proper co-ordination with the outsider and also to find amicable solution to the problem if there is any.

Another aspect on which he should work is that he should be well aware of all the latest happenings of his profession.

If a person is able to possess all these qualities he can come under the category of an ideal internal auditor.

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