What Are The Qualities Of Good Businessman?


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Well a good businessman/women should have the following qualities:
1. Should have business knowledge
2. Should be honest
3. Punctual
4. Leadership skills should be there
5. Have enough financial abilities.
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Business is not a easiest one .. And every one can't start and run the business .business is a creative things and serve the society and also earn profit .getting profit is depends upon the serving the service to the society .And the main things is to be businessman should have some qualities .that is totally depends upon the type of business .business man have some great qualities beyond from others .Every business should not depends upon the sky building that is totally depending to the business that the businessman is the only person for responsibility of success or failure in business..So business man having some qualities for run the business successfully .lots of qualities are having for every successful businessman that is good manner,having responsibility ,to do the right thing at right time ,controlling the people ,managing power,to read the people mind,good leadership quality ,to know about how to handle the employee ,try to satisfy the employees, he should follow the rules and regulation which is made by him, having innovative ideas, and implemented in business, these are the best qualities of good businessman..
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Fair dealing is the spirit n secret of business.the business man should be fair to the empolyees. Selection, wages, promotion as all should be fair. He should be fair to government and pay taxes puncuality ang transparently.
The good business man must have practical experienced because experienced is necessary in order to handle the business affairs effectly.timely and accurate planning is the key factor behind the success of business
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I am showing some points of the qualities of good businessman the good businessman is a smart worker,risk assuming,goal oriented,well informed,performance oriented,exploiting opportunities,unbeliever of mystical forces,dynamic and stead fast.these qualities are the good qualities of good business man.
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I would think having the capacity to make decisions, so for example, opportunities are not lost. Initiative, determination, willpower to succeed, willing to take advice from people but being able to act on something appropriately, be alert to opportunities and changes taking place, loyalty, leadership, honesty & morality, tact, good memory, positive attitude. I think these are the qualities a man or woman should posses in order to be good business person.
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The good business man must have practical experienced because experienced is necessary in order to handle the business affairs effectually.timely and accurate planning is the key factor behind the success of business
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The successful business man should have the qualities of leadership.
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In the modern age we can see the various changes in the business field. Due to technological advancement it is necessary that a good businessman should possess the basic skill and knowledge about his business. Some of the qualities top business leaders must have include the following:

1. Leadership Skills

2. Knowledge of Business

3. Impressive Personality

4. Co-operative

5. Assumption of Responsibility

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Qualities of good business man are:

Physical appearance, technicall skills, hard working,endurance power, decision power, ability to plan, project a positive business image, build business team.

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Would the ability to spell, use punctuation properly, and string text together correctly, be an advantage too?
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A good businessman should continue his life with a routine.He should spend his full time to make him best than other by to do hard work secretly because when a man work hard than others with secretly then he will be perfect than other. if the hard worker man low talented than other man but he will be perfect on his work.And one more thing if you work secretly that time you will get double energy than if you worked publicly.

So i will say Hard work secretly,Spend full time,make good social communication,spend some times learn from your senior

Only my own opinion


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Could you translate that into English for us?
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May be you are can't read.please read this again.
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I read very well (and BTW "be you are can't" is also nonsense).

Add "then he will be perfect than other"
and "when a man work hard than others with secretly"
as further "difficult to read" text.

Capitalize your "i"s.

Introduce spaces after your full stops and commas.

Please don't mix tenses in the same sentence, it looks really bad.

BUT, mainly, don't try to answer questions without preparing the answer properly, and don't expound upon things about which you know little.
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A good business man must have the degree of business education. A well educated business man can perform most of the business functions by himself, which will reduce the cost of business. Similarly a well educated business man is a position to make a check and balance on the work of employees. A good business man must have the practical experience of the business because experience is necessary in order to handle the business affairs effectively. An experienced person can earn more profit than an inexperienced person.

Timely and accurate planning is the key factor behind the success of the business. Hence a successful business man must have the ability to plane and control the business affairs effectively. Getting things done from others is the result of effective leadership a man who want to get success in his business must have the quality of leadership because success of business depends upon loyalty and co-operation of employees. Success in business depends on initiative and capacity to make decisions. These days' changes take place quickly in the business and if a business man is not able to make timely decisions, he might miss business opportunities. Therefore it is essential for a successful business man to make quick and accurate decisions.
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It is very hard to say, in fact, there is no secret in business success, and no way to follow up, it is fact that the people succeeded without any guidelines or regulation by which the forcesters put forward.

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