Is HR A Dying Profession?


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HR is not a dying profession but it is an emerging and expanding profession. A number of organizations are lacking HR department and they are feeling the need to establish HR functions. The companies which understand the importance of HR are introducing it as a PEOPLE Department. In order to acheive the strategic goals of the company, the company has to understand the skills available to the company. Determination of skills available to the company, feeling the training needs, facilitating the employees and introducing good and flexible policies are some of the responsibilities of HR. If you think that these responsibilities are not of much importance then you can say that HR is a dying field, otherwise look into the newspapers and job advertisements where there are a number of HR jobs available for good positions. Opportunities are huge in HR and HR can never appear as a dying field.
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No, HR is not a dying profession. It is a fast growing field
that offers lots of HR jobs opportunities
every day to both fresher and experienced candidates. Without an HR it becomes
difficult to run the functions of any organization smoothly.  A Human resource department handles lots of
activities of an organization such as recruiting, planning, hiring etc. So,
don’t think that it’s a bad career choice or a dying profession. If you want to
make your career in HR field, then start your journey now. Explore the
internet, search for the relevant courses and all necessary information which
is needed.

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