Were Is an Edd Office In Santa Clarita Area?


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Information on all EDD offices in California is found at Though there is no office in San Clarita itself, there is one just South in Van Nuys and its address is 6150 Van Nuys Boulevard, Room 210.

The Employment Development Department (EDD) is one of the largest state departments with employees at hundreds of service locations throughout the state, connecting millions of job seekers and employers in an effort to build the economy of the Golden State for more than 70years.

On the EDD website, an online job and résumé bank, CalJOBS, which contains thousands of job openings and the largest pool of candidates in the state, is available to view, as are labor market tools designed to help you make educated decisions and useful information on filing a claim for Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, or Paid Family Leave.

Payroll tax information and forms and an array of employment and training services are also found there. Northern Los Angeles County, composed primarily of the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys, continues to be one of the fastest-growing areas of the county, boasting high levels of job creation, positive migration, and production of housing and continued demand for homes.

Key employers include the Six Flags theme park, the school system and the Postal Service. The retail trade and manufacturing sectors represent the largest level of employment. Among Los Angeles County’s 15 cities with populations of 100,000 and above, the City of Santa Clarita enjoys one of the lowest rates of unemployment. Unemployment in 2007 was substantially below that of the county, whose rate was 4.4 per cent.

The city’s unemployment rate of 2.7 per cent is substantially lower than the unemployment rates of neighboring cities and regions. The EDD can provide assistance without charge, including counseling, testing, job development and training, and placement. Call 255-1031. You can access the online state job listing bank CalJOBS 24 hours a day at The official job line in the Santa Clarita Valley is 255-4392.

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