What Is The Mission Statement Of Bharti Airtel?


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  • The mission statement of Airtel
The original mission statement for Airtel was to be, "A spirit charged with energy, creativity and a team driven "to seize the day" with an ambition to become the most admired telecom service provider globally". This quote can be found on the Airtel website in the 'About Bharti Airtel' section.

Airtel claim that they have now achieved these goals so their mission statement will now be to maintain the position.
  • What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is a statement written by a company which outlines the purpose of the business. It is the overall goal of a company and may even outline some of the ways they would like to reach their overall goal. It also helps everyone who works for the company to understand what they are working towards and can help them stay focused on what it is that they truly wish to achieve.

It can help a company to set measurable goals to identify whether or not they are working towards their goals and if they can consider themselves to have had a successful year, month or week.

A mission statement may be something like, 'We wish to be the best company in the area for customer satisfaction.' This gives all employees a specific purpose in mind every time they serve a customer and gives the company goals and the basis for a strategic plan.

  • What is Airtel?

Airtel is an Indian communications company with operations in 19 countries that are around Asia and Africa and they have over 200 million customers. Airtel deals with mobile telecommunication, home phone lines, broadband internet and other telecom solutions.

'Business Week' rated Airtel as the 6th best performing technology company in the world. Airtel is also a digital TV company and has recently added another 41 new channels to their digital TV package.
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-By 2010 airtel will be the most admired brand in India
- loved by more customers
-targeted by top talent
-bench marked by more business
-first private telecommunication company to launch long distance services.
Will meet the mobile communication needs of our customers through error –free service delivery
-innovative products and services
-cost efficiency
-unified messaging solutions
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1.We will meet the mobile communication needs of our customer through  error-free service delivery2.Innovative Product and Services3.cost efficiency4.Unified messaging solution

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