Well Known Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded In Food Service?


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Plenty of entrepreneurs started out in food service and ended up taking the world by storm; many began to serve food in their own restaurants, where they did double duty as cooks and servers. One famous American example of an entrepreneur who succeeded in food service is Dave Thomas, of Wendy's restaurant fame.

Dave Thomas Facts

  • Thomas began his working life early, at the age of 12, when he began to help out in local restaurants. As a grown man, a stint in the army, cooking for soldiers overseas, helped to hone Thomas' skill set, and it may have set the stage for his meteoric rise to fame and fortune.
  • Dave Thomas opened Wendy's restaurants to serve home style hamburgers, fries and chili to families; this fast food chain survives its founder, who, sadly, passed away in 2002.
  • Dave Thomas never even got his high school diploma (later, he received his GED). However, his street smarts, devotion to serving customers, and passion for food led him to a multi-million dollar bank account, and a career as one of America's most beloved fast food entrepreneurs.
Dave Thomas is just one of many success stories of servers who ended up holding a great deal of power and influence. Other examples would be Mrs. Fields, of Mrs. Field's Cookies fame, who turned her wonderful, home-baked cookies into a business goldmine.

Anyone who works as a server has the potential to use their people skills and innate intelligence to rise up in the business world; of course, staying in the food service industry can be an excellent way to make things happen.

Combining business courses at night school with a serving job, and a great idea for a future restaurant or shop, can be the best way to develop the plan needed to earn great money and job security from entrepreneurship.

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